Yasiel Puig Snapchat Name

Sports Illustrated reports that Yasiel Puig Valdés is feeling right at home in the minor leagues.  The baseball player pulled a Johnny Manziel after the team lost to the Iowa Cubs on Monday.  He danced shirtless and partied after the game.  There’s nothing wrong with partying after a loss but when you’re a high profile athlete you have to be careful about what you share on social media.

According to Fox Sports Andrew Friedman, the Dodgers President of Baseball Operations, released a statement regarding the former All-Star’s behavior.  If you missed the series of videos, add him as a friend before they disappear.  Yasiel Puig’s Snapchat name is DiegoPuig66:

Yasiel Puig Snapchat Name

While this may not seem like a big deal you have to consider the message he is sending to kids that look up to him.  The videos imply that celebrating a loss is acceptable.  While you don’t want to teach kids to dwell on losses you definitely don’t want them to celebrate them.  A more appropriate series of videos would have shown the 25-year-old using the loss as motivation to work on his weaknesses.
In the words of DJ Khaled, “All I do is win.” When you don’t win, you learn.  Yasiel was recently demoted to Triple-A, a loss considering the fact that he’s a former All-Star.  Instead of learning from the loss, he has exposed his character as a person who is comfortable losing.


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