Why is Reid in Jail? – Criminal Minds

Things are probably just going to get worse for Spencer Reid while he is in prison and he probably should have taken them up on their offer when they gave him the option of protective custody. But why is Reid in jail? He is in there right now because he is the main suspect in the murder of Rosa Medina. While the BAU is working on clearing his name, they are also working on their own cases in the mean time.
Why Is Reid In Jail? Criminal Minds
Why Is Reid In Jail? Criminal Minds
Right now, they are working on the “bone crusher” case and you don’t have to have a wild imagination to figure out why they call this murderer this. Apparently, he loves to break bones before he kills the women he chooses and then pushes them to their death so he can hear their bones crush.

The mother of the main suspect who they are calling the “bone crusher” comes into their office to tell them she thinks her son is the one killing these women and crushing their bones. In fact, when he was a young teenager, she fell off a ladder while she was painting and broke her arm, instead of him helping her; he stood back and laughed at her screaming in pain.
It also seems his mother helped make him the psychopath that he is by giving him Ecstasy since he was 21 to “help him” become more social. Although she thought she might have been helping him, she was wrong because it is proven that Ecstasy, or MDMA, can cause impotence in men and this might be why he started killing in the first place. He became sexually frustrated and the team thinks this could have caused his rage against women.
Meanwhile, in prison, Reid still thinks he can resort to his old ways of helping people like he did when he was helping the team until his friend told him that, that old way won’t work in prison like it did out on the streets.
A few of the “gangsters” in prison walk into Reid’s prison cell and muffle the words “what’s up, snitch” after he is seen talking to one of the prison guards. Then they muffle his screams with a towel and you can guess what happened after that.
Back to the “bone crusher” and what is happening with him. The team finds him hanging a woman over the edge of a roof getting ready to throw her off. When they try to talk him down by telling him his mother is waiting for him, he throws himself to his death by falling backward off the roof.
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