Who Plays Xavier On Empire? Samuel Hunt

Samuel Hunt is the actor who plays Xavier Rosen on Empire.  Samuel was born on October 10, 1986 and is currently 30-years-old.  Empire is filmed in Chicago, the city that Hunt calls home.  When he was 19 shows like Empire didn’t film in Chicago, so he moved to California to pursue his dream to become an actor.

The fourth episode of the show’s third season, “Cupid Kills” starts with Andre and Lucious visiting Shine Johnson.  The duo think they’re visiting Shine to sign his talented singer, Nessa but they’re surprised to find other record label executives at Shine’s studio.  Johnson has planned a bidding war and Lucious is very upset.

Who Plays Xavier On Empire? Samuel Hunt

Lucious hates being blindsided so when he gets back to Empire he starts taking out his anger on Becky and Cookie.  Becky explains that she’s not able to finalize an artist’s contract because she’s not the Head of A&R.  Cookie interrupts, revealing that Xavier Rosen has been hired and Lucious calls Xavier out for pretending to be black.
Similar to the actress who plays Cookie’s assistant on the series, Ta’Rhonda Jones, Samuel has appeared on the series Chicago P.D.  Hunt plays Craig Gurwitch aka “Mouse” on the NBC drama series.  Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of him on Empire!


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