Who Is Singing At The Final Four

Who Is Singing At The Final Four

There’s nothing like basketball in April! While the NBA is exciting, watching Steph Curry #slay can’t compare to the Final Four.  Saturday morning the NCAA announced that four student athletes will be singing at the Final Four
Villanova defeated Oklahoma 95 to 51 and North Carolina has an early lead against Syracuse 20 to 18.  While most focus on the basketball, this years singers that delivered the National Anthem really caught my eye! Here’s a list of the talented student athletes from this year’s Final Four.
Who Is Singing At The Final Four
  • Syracuse University – Chevis Armstead II
    • Armstead is a sprinter on the track and field team.  He is from Desoto, TX
Chevis Armstead Syracuse
  • Villanova University – Karlie Crispin
    • Crispin plays on Villanova’s women’s basketball team.  She is from Pitman, NJ
Karlie Crispin Villanova
  • University of North Carolina – Nico Melo
    • Melo plays on North Carolina’s men’s soccer team
Nico Melo University of North Carolina
  • University of Oklahoma – Madison Ward
    • Ward is a member of the Oklahoma volley team
Madison Ward University of Oklahoma


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