Tatu Baby Ethnicity – Plastic Surgery, Bio, Boyfriend, Husband

Tatu Baby’s ethnicity is often questioned.  The tattoo artist is Colombian.  Scroll down to see the “Columbia” tattoo she has on her stomach.  The reality star, whose real name is Katherine Flores, may have a new boyfriend.  She appeared on Black Ink Crew season 5 episode 8, “Ride The Sky Train.”

Tatu Baby shows Ceaser Emanuel around Miami and he likes what he sees.  Ceaser loves the 305 and enjoys a night out with Tatu Baby.  It’s obvious she’s had plastic surgery but Ceaser can care less.  Speaking of plastic surgery, that exactly why the Black Ink Crew is in Miami.  Sky has an appointment with Dr. Miami.

Tatu Baby Ethnicity Plastic Surgery Bio Boyfriend Husband

Chris Nunez is not Tatu Baby’s husband.  Nunez is married to Carole-Anne Leonard.  Tatu Baby has been single for years but it looks like she’s finally ready to settle down.

Tatu Baby Ethnicity Plastic Surgery Bio Boyfriend Husband
Ceaser learned valuable lessons thanks to his relationship with Dutchess.  He now knows that cheating is unacceptable.  We’re hoping he’ll be able to maintain a long-distance relationship with Tatu Baby.  
Years ago, Tatu Baby tattooed her boyfriend’s name on her body and then they ended up breaking up.  She still regrets the decision and says she’ll never make that mistake again.
Ceaser will have to put in some work to convince Tatu Baby he’s the one.  Don’t miss the next episode of Black Ink Crew!


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