Funny 420 Memes – Top 42 That Will Make You Say “Smoke Weed Everyday”

The funniest 420 memes on the Internet are included in this post.  30 states have legalized medical marijuana, including California, Nevada and the District of Columbia. The first tweet included in this article was shared by Rihanna in 2012.  She kept in short and sweet yet, it is timeless.  Rihanna reminds us that we can’t define […]


LeBron James Wife Blunt

Scroll to the Instagram video to see LeBron James’ wife smoking a blunt at Game 7 of the World Series! LeBron James’ wife’s blunt at the World Series proves how stressful the game was for Cleveland fans.  There was definitely a miscommunication at the game.  LeBron clearly didn’t want any cameras on him as he […]