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Is Ronda Rousey Dead? – News

Ronda Rousey is not dead.  Her fans are panicking.  She got knocked out in less than a minute and then skipped the post-fight press conference.  The former UFC champion has not been on Twitter since December 29.  While we know the fight was most likely her last, we’re concerned about Ronda Rousey’s well-being. When Ronda […]


Did Ronda Rousey Win Her Belt Back? TKO

What happened in the Ronda Rousey fight? Did she win her belt back? No, Rousey lost her fight to Amanda Nunes in 48 seconds.  Scroll down to see the most hilarious Twitter reactions to the TKO.  One of the funniest Twitter reactions came from Amanda Nunes.  That’s right, she shared a comical meme.  Scroll down […]