Top 10 Thirsty Rawlings Quotes

Thirsty Rawlings Empire On HBO’s “The Wire” Andre Royo played the character Reginald “Bubbles” Cousins, a recovering heroin addict that was trying to figure out his life.  On “Empire” Royo plays a lawyer that has everything figured out and he’s willing to risk his life to ensure his favorite client, Lucious Lyon, is protected at all […]

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Lucious Lyon’s Lawyer

Thirsty Rawlings had Empire fans laughing hysterically when he proved that he would do whatever it takes to protect Lucious! Thirsty Rawlings Empire Andre Royo Empire Lucious Lyon’s lawyer on Empire is played by actor Andre Royo.  Many remember Royo as Bubbles, The Wire’s recovering heroin addict. Royo is an actor who is always making […]