Tania Joyce Benitah Instagram

Tania Joyce Benitah’s Instagram name is @tania_joyce_ but she recently deleted all her posts.  Benitah is the latest woman who claims to have a relationship with Tristan Thompson. Tania Benitah And Tristan Thompson’s Relationship Started A Few Weeks Before Khloe’s Pregnancy It sounds like Tristan didn’t mean to get Khloe pregnant.  If half of his […]


Tristan Thompson Snapchat Stephanie Woods Instagram

Tristan Thompson’s Snapchat name is TristanThompson: Stephanie Woods Instagram Stephanie Woods Instagram name was ms.stephaniee___ but Instagram deleted her account.  The Instagram account ms.stephaniee_____ has been posting information about the scandal. Stephanie claims that she is Tristan Thompson’s side chick but the Instagram post below claims that Tristan’s side chick was Lani Blair: Pray for Khloe Kardashian! […]