Joseph Sikora’s Wife

Actor, Joseph Sikora, plays Tommy Egan on the Starz series Power.  He recently killed his live-in girlfriend on the show, Holly.  Many fans hoped to see Holly become Tommy’s wife, but that didn’t happen.  While we’re familiar with Tommy’s love interest, Sikora is a very private person therefore we only know a limited amount of details about his actual wife.

Joseph’s wife is a makeup artist.  He met her before his new found fame on Power.  The couple met on the set of Boardwalk Empire.  The actor played Hans Schroeder in the first season of the HBO series.  According to the Chicago Tribune the actor’s mother thinks that his wife is a perfect fit for him.

Joseph Sikora Wife
Joseph Sikora Wife

There’s nothing better than your mother and wife getting along.  On the show, Tommy’s mother didn’t approve of Holly.  If Holly were still alive, Tommy would have had major issues making things work.  If Holly would have lived long enough to inform Tommy’s mother that she was pregnant they would have forged a relationship similar to Lucious and Rhonda’s relationship on Empire.

Similar to Empire, Power has shown that it is not afraid to break viewer’s hearts by killing unborn babies.  Holly and Tommy’s baby would have been as adorable as Andre and Rhonda’s.

During an interview with Muscle and Fitness Sikora explains that one characteristic he has in common with Tommy is loyalty.  As loyal viewers, we can’t wait to see the talented actor throughout the rest of the season.

Who Is Vladimir On Power, Starz?

International Business Times reports that Power‘s shocking twist in episode 5, “Help Me” left everyone begging for more.  If you watched episode 6, “The Right Decision” you’re probably still wiping your tears, with Ghost being forced to breakup with Angela.  Dean, Jamie’s head of security, revealed his real identity, threatening Angie’s life.

According to TV Line Ghost and Tommy have reunited but they definitely aren’t as sharp as they once were.  It took them nearly the entire episode to kill Lobos.  Dean turns out to be Milan.  Tommy has warned Ghost that Milan is a cannibal that they shouldn’t do dirty.

Vladimir On Power
Vladimir On Power

In the season 2 finale, “Ghost Is Dead” bodies are dropped left and right.  Vladimir (the Serbian drug kingpin) is enjoying his sauna when he notices that someone has murdered his entire crew.  As he attempted to figure things out, he receives a bullet to the head.  One major mistake Ghost and Tommy made was intercepting Vladimir’s shipment and leaving it for the police.  It turns out that those drugs were Milan’s and he’s not happy.

Vladimir Tommy Power
Vladimir Tommy Power
Vladimir is played by actor, William Popp who has also appeared in A Gentle Art and Grand Theft Auto V.  Jamie is living in a fantasy world where he thinks he can simply leave the drug game whenever he pleases.  Sorry Mr. St. Patrick, it doesn’t work like that.

Who Is Milan On Power, Starz?

In episode 6, “The Right Decision”, Power disappoints many fans that love seeing Ghost and Angela together.  Deadline reports that the show’s “Help Me” episode featured James “Ghost” St. Patrick and Tommy Egan reuniting.  The episode had some of the most unforgettable moments ever seen on the show whereas episode 6 left many viewers with a long list of questions.

According to Complex the show has followed Empire‘s blueprint, using social media to become on of TV’s biggest success stories.  One question you had after watching the last episode is “Who is Milan?” He is Ghost’s head of security who doesn’t like taking orders.  That’s who we eventually find out he is.

Who Is Milan On Power? Starz?

Prior to revealing his true identity, we know Jamie’s head of security as Dean.  He is played by actor, Callan Mulvey.  Jamie calls him into his office to fire him and Dean Milan states, “You finally killed Lobos.” Just like that, everything changes.

In episode 8 of season 2, “Three Moves Ahead” Tommy mentions Milan, describing him as a “cannibal motherf***er.” It looks like someone finally caught Ghost slipping.  Last season, Tommy and Ghost intercepted a shipment from Vladimir and his crew and left it for the police.  The problem is those drugs belonged to Milan, and he’s not happy.

Did Holly Die In Power? Tommy Kills His Girlfriend!?

*This article contains spoilers*

Episode 5 of Power‘s third season was powerful.  XXL reports that 50 Cent was upset about the last episode where his little meat was shown.  Episode 5, “Help Me” didn’t feature the rapper’s private parts but it was one of the best episodes of the show that we have ever seen.

According to Hot New Hip Hop the show has already been renewed for a fourth season and it’s easy to see why.  for those who wanted to see Ghost and Tommy back together, your wish has been granted.  In episode 4, “Don’t Worry, Baby” Holly hires the Jamaicans to kill Ghost.  When Tommy finds out in episode 5, Tommy and Holly get into a heated argument and shove each other around his apartment.

Did Holly Die In Power? Did Tommy Kill Her?
Did Holly Die In Power? Did Tommy Kill Her?

Remember, Holly hasn’t told Tommy that she is pregnant.  Tommy is high on cocaine and he ends up choking her to death, we think.  She falls out and is unresponsive.  Eventually Ghost enters Tommy’s apartment and he finishes the job by burying her.  If Tommy didn’t kill her, then Ghost did, either way, she’s dead.

Tasha is the only person that knows that Holly was pregnant and Tommy will be devastated when he finds out.  Tommy loves kids and has a great relationship with James’ son, Tariq.