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Stassia Thomas – Love And Hip Hop Hollywood

Stassia Thomas is Marcus Black’s new girlfriend on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.  Brooke Valentine is working hard to get Marcus back but Marcus is falling in love with Stassia. It’s funny how fast things change.  On the last season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Brooke was just in a relationship with Daniel “Booby” Gibson […]

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Brooke Valentine, Daniel Gibson, Marcus Black – Love Triangle

Brooke Valentine’s revenge on Marcus Black is going too far.  In Love and Hip Hop Hollywood season 4, episode 10, “Musical Chairs” Valentine almost gets in a fight with Hazel E over Daniel “Boobie” Gibson.  In the previews for the next episode of #LHHH we finally see Brooke coming to her senses. Marcus did Brooke wrong but […]