Dave Chappelle – Draymond Green

Scroll to the video below to hear Dave Chappelle’s joke about Draymond Green.  In the comedian’s Netflix special Equanimity he says that “Draymond Green” is one of the blackest names he’s ever heard.  Chappelle explains that when you enter “Draymond Green” into Airbnb, it will log off automatically. Over the last few years, Green and Kyrie…… Continue reading Dave Chappelle – Draymond Green

Beyonce Twins Meme – Funny Pregnancy Baby Memes

The Beyonce twins meme below made my day.  My friends have been sharing funny pregnancy baby memes since the singer announced that she was pregnant.  In Cookie Lyon’s words, “Everybody wants to be Beyonce.” Fans didn’t waste time imitating her pregnancy photoshoot.  I’ve been seeing more males posting Beyonce imitations than females. Jay Z and…… Continue reading Beyonce Twins Meme – Funny Pregnancy Baby Memes

Desiigner New Hairstyle – Haircut Memes

Desiigner’s new hairstyle broke the Internet.  Scroll down to see how Twitter reacted to his haircut.  Hilarious memes were shared, reminding us of Diddy and Yung Joc’s unforgettable 2016 hairstyles.  The rapper posted an Instagram video showing off some new music but his fans were distracted by his halfro. The “Panda” rapper is known for…… Continue reading Desiigner New Hairstyle – Haircut Memes

Why Did Soulja Boy Get Arrested And Go To Jail?

Why did Soulja Boy get arrested and go to jail? The rapper, whose real name is DeAndre Cortez Way, was arrested on gun charges.  He was released from jail after posting $35,000 bail.  He’s a free man now, but he may end up spending time behind bars.  The rapper violated his parole and was charged…… Continue reading Why Did Soulja Boy Get Arrested And Go To Jail?

What Is The Ten Toes Down Challenge?

What is the Ten Toes Down Challenge? The challenge dares people to deliver a freestyle over the Ten Toes Down instrumental by Bubba Got Beatz.  In the past few months we’ve experienced some of the most entertaining social media challenges of all time.  From the Dub Challenge to the 1 Finger Selfie Challenge, there’s never…… Continue reading What Is The Ten Toes Down Challenge?

Beyoncé Gorilla Mode 2

Beyoncé “Gorilla Mode 2” was released yesterday according to Google.  The notification was a mistake.  The search engine got the singer mixed up with a mixtape title Gorilla Mode 2 by King B.  The Bey Hive is constantly on Bey Watch after the singer’s 2013 surprise album Beyoncé.  Queen Bey did recently release her standalone video,…… Continue reading Beyoncé Gorilla Mode 2

LeBron James Wife Blunt

Scroll to the Instagram video to see LeBron James’ wife smoking a blunt at Game 7 of the World Series! LeBron James’ wife’s blunt at the World Series proves how stressful the game was for Cleveland fans.  There was definitely a miscommunication at the game.  LeBron clearly didn’t want any cameras on him as he…… Continue reading LeBron James Wife Blunt