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Backpack With Speakers – WizPak #LHHMIA

The backpack with speakers on Love and Hip Hop Miami was a WizPak, the world’s first luxury sound system.  In episode 4 of season 1, “Fashion Victims” we see Malik Williams give Jeffrey “JT” White a red Riri WizPak.  JT is in a relationship with Trina’s cousin, Bobby Lytes who doesn’t appreciate Malik’s gesture. Bobby knows […]

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Jeffrey “JT” White, Malik Williams – Love And Hip Hop Miami

Jeffrey “JT” White and Malik Williams appear on season 1 of Love and Hip Hop Miami.  In episode 3, “Hey Stranger” we find out that Jeffrey is dating Bobby Lytes, Trina’s cousin.  Jeffrey was in the closet when he met Bobby but now he’s openly gay.  Malik Williams also spent years in the closet and […]