Kourtney Kardashian Get Out Tweet

Kourtney Kardashian Get Out Kourtney Kardashian is sure getting hell for a simple Tweet she posted about Jordan Peele’s movie called, “Get Out.” When I say the Tweet was a simple one and she really shouldn’t be getting dragged through mud for it, I am totally serious! Why? Because all she posted was the words […]

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What Is The Get Out Challenge?

The Get Out Challenge was inspired by a hilarious scene from the 2017 comedy horror movie.  The scene features Walter (Marcus Henderson), the groundskeeper running full speed towards Chris (Daniel Kaluuya).  At the last second, Walter makes a sharp turn.  Scroll to the gif below to see the unforgettable scene. Chris steps outside to try […]

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Chance The Rapper supports “Get Out” in a big way

Chicago native Chance the Rapper is supporting the new horror film “Get Out” in a big way. Chance the Rapper bought all the tickets to the film at a local theater, just so fans could see the movie.“I bought all the tickets to #GetOut at Chatham Theatre on 87th Just pull up with ID and […]