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Worldnet Hoodie – Frank Ocean

Pre-order Frank Ocean’s Worldnet hoodie for $99.  It ships in 3-4 weeks.  The singer’s e-store will only offer the hoodies for 24 hours.  Worldnet posted a pic of Frank wearing the hoodie at ComplexCon.  Frank gave the company a shoutout on his Tumblr page.  The singer says that he found out the company made a […]

Entertainment News

Frank Ocean’s Snapchat Name

Pigeons and Planes explains that Christopher Francis “Frank” Ocean who was born Christopher Edwin Breaux, has finally dropped his new album! It’s been four years since the 28-year-old released channel ORANGE so fans went crazy when Boys Don’t Cry released.  The New Orleans singer is one of the most private people in show business.  He gave his […]