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Nikki Love And Hip Hop Brother, Anthony Omar Mudarris

In June 2015, Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star, Nikki Mudarris’ brother, Anthony Omar Mudarris, sadly passed away.  His death was drug related yet Nikki didn’t provide any specific details.  It may seem like all fun and games when it comes to the series but the cast members experience pain just like the rest of […]

Hip Hop News

Shawty Lo Casket Pictures, Funeral, At Blue Flame Strip Club

Shawty Lo’s friends and family members honored him at a vigil in Atlanta.  After his wake, the rapper’s loved ones took his body to his favorite strip club, the Blue Flame Lounge located on Harwell Rd in Atlanta.  Scroll down to see casket pictures of the emcee whose real name was Carlos Walker. Blue Flame […]

Legal News

Diane McIver, Atlanta, Lawyer Claud Tex Kills Wife, Blames Black Lives Matter Protestors

Macon reports that Atlanta police are investigating the death of Diane McIver, the wife of lawyer, Claud “Tex” McIver.  The Atlanta attorney claims that he was worried about Black Lives Matter protestors when he accidentally shot his wife.  The tragic incident occurred on Sunday, August 25, 2016 near Piedmont Park, an urban park in Atlanta. […]


Is Gabourey Sidibe Dead?

Status: Alive Despite the rumors, the actress is not dead, she is alive! Today, Bossip published a beautiful story on actress, Gabourey Sidibe.  The article discussed Gabby’s new #ThisBody campaign with Lane Bryant.  #ThisBody highlights the comments plus-size women have received on social media.  The New York native is perfect for the campaign considering the […]

Empire Fox News

Why Did Rhonda Die? Is She Leaving Empire?

If you’re like me then you’re mad at Lee Daniels right now.  Why did Rhonda Lyon have to die? Luckily she’s not leaving Empire.  She is listed as a special cast member for the show’s third season.  As you know, her husband, Andre Lyon, has mental health issues.  Last season, him and Rhonda’s unborn baby […]