Brandy Norwood Pregnant?

Is Brandy pregnant? Princess Love finally revealed that her and Ray J are expecting and now we’re waiting on Brandy.  There were rumors that Brandy was carrying for Princess and Ray but the following Instagram post proves that those rumors are false.  Ray finally got his little soldiers to march! It’s such a blessing from…… Continue reading Brandy Norwood Pregnant?

Sir The Baptist – Age, Brandy, Wiki

Sir the Baptist (William James Stokes) was born on July 2, 1987 and is currently 29-years-old.  He’s currently dating Brandy Norwood who was born on February 11, 1979 and is 38.  I was surprised they were dating considering their 10-year age difference.  In 2002, Norwood and her ex-boyfriend, Robert “Big Bert” Smith welcomed their daughter,…… Continue reading Sir The Baptist – Age, Brandy, Wiki