Star TV Show Transgender Actress – Amiyah Scott

Amiyah Scott is the transgender actress on the Star TV show.  In the “Pilot” we see Star (Jude Demorest), Alexandra (Ryan Destiny) and Simone (Brittany O’Grady) reach out to Amiyah’s character, Cotton.  After watching the girls perform Cotton is impressed.  After the performance, Star calls Alex out because there were no managers at their performance.

Alex thinks consistency is the key to their success but Star ain’t got time for that! Star is ready to do things her way.  Star explains that she knows where the managers spend their time in Atlanta on a Saturday night.  Alex doesn’t want to ruin the group’s reputation.  Star thinks they need to go to a strip club but Cotton disagrees.

Star TV Show Transgender Actress Amiyah Scott
Star TV Show Transgender Actress Amiyah Scott

Cotton then interrupts the girl’s conversation.  Star calls Cotton out for randomly popping up, but Cotton ignores her.  Cotton compliments the girls for their performance but agrees with Star about the venue being all wrong.

The girls let Cotton know that they’re looking for a manager and Cotton tells them that the managers are at the strip club.  Cotton knows because she works at a strip club.  She tells the girls that the club is full of industry people and Star gets excited.

Star On Fox
Star On Fox

Alex’s family is rich therefore she has patience.  She doesn’t want to go because she wants to protect the group’s reputation.  Cotton and Star go to the strip club.  At the club, Cotton ends up getting into a fight with a guy who finds out that she’s actually a man.

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