Sky Lynn Love And Hip Hop

Sky Lynn, Love and Hip Hop‘s cast member who doesn’t exist, was mentioned on everyone’s favorite celebrity gossip website.  A recent article published on the site explained that DJ Drewski broke up with Sky Lynn to get with Mariahlynn.  There is no Sky Lynn on Love and Hip Hop New York season 7.

DJ Drewski’s girlfriend on the series is Sky Landish and they are still together.  In March 2016 there were rumors about Mariahlynn being engaged.  The rumors were false but Mariahlynn didn’t mind playing along.  The Newark, New Jersey rapper posted a screenshot of the article and in the caption she jokingly revealed that she was engaged to DJ Self.

Sky Lynn Love And Hip Hop
Sky Lynn Love And Hip Hop

DJ Self is one reason for Mariahlynn’s massive success.  The DJ loved her track, “Once Upon A Time” and helped her promote it.  For those who don’t live in New York, DJ Self is more than just a reality star, he’s the Prince of New York!

While DJ Drewski represents Hot 97, DJ Self is one of Power 105.1’s most popular DJs.  He was very influential on the mixtape scene before securing employment with Power 105.1.  Although he no longer has time to focus on releasing new mixtapes, he still supports new artists, like Mariahlynn.

Don’t miss the next episode of Love and Hip Hop! The video below features Drewski discussing his White Chocolate brand.


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