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Rodney Bullock isn’t as powerful as we thought.  It turns out Logan, Jasmine’s ex-boyfriend, has been smashing Jasmine behind Rodney’s back.  In episode 14 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta‘s sixth season Rodney calls out Logan.  Initially, Rodney thinks Logan is lying but then Logan reveals his receipts.

Rodney gets mad at Jasmine for lying.  Kirk might not be the father!

Rodney Bullock, one of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta‘s new cast members, was mentioned in the season 6 premiere.  “Who’s Your Daddy” features his current girlfriend, Jasmine Washington.  Karlie Redd does not like Rod.  She explains that he was recently released from federal prison.  Yung Joc is friends with Rod.

Karlie Redd explains that Rod was in a relationship with Mimi Faust that was horrible.  Karlie doesn’t know all the details but she knows that Rod is shady.  He’s a very understanding person considering the fact that Jasmine had a baby while he was locked up.  The couple could be in an open relationship.

Rodney Bullock Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

Karlie Redd almost passes out when she finds out that Jasmine had a baby with Kirk.  We all know that Kirk’s a jerk but this is too much.

Karlie Redd Passes Out

Why would Rasheeda agree to be humiliated on TV!? Another Karlie Redd reaction can answer that question:

Karlie Redd Coins

Bullock was born and raised in Indianapolis.  He has worked with numerous artists including Lil Wayne, Fabolous and Yung Joc.  He has also worked with R. Kelly and K. Michelle.  Bullock currently manages Louis Gold and Mishon.

Here’s a mugshot for a 2009 arrest.  Bullock was locked up for battery and booked in Fulton County, GA.

Rodney Bullock Mugshot

He’s not on Tommie Lee’s level but Rodney has numerous mugshot.  Here’s a mugshot from 2006.  He was locked up for another battery charge.  That could be what Karlie means when she says he’s bad news.

Rodney Bullock Mugshot

Karlie calls Mimi and they meet at Melissa’s restaurant.  Karlie tells Mimi that Jasmine is dating her ex-boyfriend, Rod.  Mimi explains that she dated Rod before she got back with Stevie J and had Eva.  Like Karlie, Mimi says that Rod is bad news.  Mimi doesn’t think Rod has changed his old ways.

Mimi explains that Rod destroyed her credit and she even spent time in jail.  He’s a scam artist similar to Karen King and crew.

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