Remy Ma And Rah Ali – Plastic Surgery

The tea is piping hot on this story. The queen of rap finally dropped her diss track for Remy Ma and among other allegations Nicki Minaj rapped that Remy Ma’s former frenemy, Rashidah Ali, said that Remy Ma went to the same surgeon as her! The line featured in “No Frauds” goes:

“Sheneneh you a broad committing perjury/I got before and after pics of your surgery/Rah took you to her doc but you don’t look like Rah/left the operating table still look like ‘Nah!'”

Remy Ma And Rah Ali Plastic Surgery

If you don’t recall, Remy Ma and Rah Ali were close friends after Remy was released from jail. Remy helped Rah with her fashion line launch and Rah even helped Remy plan her wedding!

Remy Ma And Rah Ali Plastic Surgery

Something went left between the two when a friend of Rah’s brought up some beef with Remy and Rah got pissed at Remy for including Yandy Smith in her wedding plans more than her. Either way, it seemed as though the two made up but *in my best Maury voice* that was a lie.

Nicki can’t just make up the fact that Remy went to the same surgeon as Rah Ali. Rah had to at least tell someone that even if it wasn’t directly to Nicki.

Social media of course flocked to Rashidah’s comment section calling her a snake and a fraud. On the same picture, Nicki commented “sexy for days”. Rah has yet to release a statement on the situation but who would have expected her to get dragged into this?

Remy Ma And Rah Ali Plastic Surgery

An even bigger question is why did Remy Ma make fun of Nicki for having surgery when she had surgery herself? Why does the pot constantly call the kettle black?

Remy Ma And Rah Ali Plastic Surgery

Anyways, do you think Rah Ali is wrong for talking about her ex bestie?