Nick Gordon Net Worth, Bobbi Kristina Brown Former Boyfriend

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May 5, 1990 (age 26)

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Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.

Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that Bobbi Kristina Brown’s former boyfriend, Nick Gordon, was found legally responsible for her death on Friday, September 16, 2016.  Gordon met Bobbi when he was in high school.  After his mother kicked him out her house, Bobbi’s mother, Whitney Houston, informally adopted Nick.

According to Spin Gordon lost a wrongful death suit filed against him by Bobbi Kristina’s estate.  The 26-year-old failed to show up in court for the second time which means Brown’s estate won by default.  We’re not certain why he wouldn’t have showed up to court considering the fact that Bobbi’s estate sought $50 million.

Nick Gordon Net Worth, Bobbi Kristina Brown Former Boyfriend

Gordon has an estimated net worth of $90,000.  In 2012, Gordon and Brown announced that they were engaged.  In 2014, the couple announced that they were married yet Bobbi’s father, Bobby Brown claims that his daughter was never married to Nick.  Whitney Houston arranged for Bobbi to inherit $20 million when she turned 30-years-old.

If Nick and Bobbi were married then Gordon would be her next of kin.  This means that Nick would inherit Whitney Houston’s $20 million fortune.  First, the 26-year-old must prove his innocence in court.


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