Kim Kardashian Wasn’t At Any Of The Oscars Parties Because She’s Been BANNED From Attending Them

It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian West lives for the spotlight. Though she’s been much more chill since being robbed at gunpoint in Paris last fall, Kim K. is still known for pulling on some jewels, a naked dress, and smizing for the camera.

Therefore, many people were shocked when neither Kim nor her hubby Kanye West was seen at any of the Oscars parties, particularly the epic annual Vanity Fair party where everybody and their mama shows up. Their absence has been particularly confusing since the Oscars are hosted in Los Angeles, which means KimYe wouldn’t have had to venture far to step into the spotlight. After all, Kim’s sisters Kylie and Kendell Jenner even made their presence known at some of the Grammy’s after parties earlier this month.

So why exactly was KimYe MIA?

Apparently, it wasn’t by choice. According to Bossip, Kim K. received ZERO invitations to any Oscars Parties. Apparently, she has not attended an Oscars event since Elton John’s soiree in 2014.

A source told Radar Online, “Kim was hoping to go to the Vanity Fair party, or really any party, but she didn’t receive an invitation!”  BLOOP!

The source went on to say that KimYe stayed home with their kiddos that evening. “They watched the show at home. Kim is often reminded that she is not a real star when she goes to any of these things, but she and Kanye really wanted to have a fun night out.”

To be honest, we feel a little bit bad for Kim K. she’s not half as annoying as some of her siblings and she has been way more low-key since her robbery last fall. Still, we’re not quite sure the Oscars is exactly a KimYe event.

Guess whose invite wasn’t lost in the mail?

A very preggo and gorgeous Beyoncé and her hubby Jay-Z attended The Weinstein Company’s afterparty and mingled well into the night. But then again, Bey has been in several films, and Jay-Z just produced TIME: The Kalief Browder Story with The Weinstein Company.

Maybe Kim K. should call Tyler Perry again and see what he can do for her next year.
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