Josh McDermitt Wife, Married – Eugene Walking Dead

Josh McDermitt’s wife is shown in the picture below.  The actor plays Eugene Porter on The Walking Dead.  Episode 11 of the show’s seventh season, “Hostiles and Calamities” we see Eugene living under the protection of Negan.  Unlike Carl and Daryl, Eugene is living the good life with Negan.  He has a fridge full of vegetables and a nice room.

Laura shows Eugene his new spot and offers to bring him any snack he wants.  She tells Eugene that he’s one of the elite.  He stops whimpering once he realizes that Negan rewards people he finds useful.  Eugene witnesses a kids stealing but doesn’t say anything.  Laura shows him the rest of the Sanctuary and then he goes outside to meet Negan.

Josh McDermitt Wife Married Eugene Walking Dead
Josh McDermitt Wife Married Eugene Walking Dead

Negan is busy observing walkers on the wall.  Eugene is determined to convince Negan that he’s a smarty pants.  Negan doesn’t believe him and gives him a problem to solve.

Negan explains that the walkers are protecting the Sanctuary and wants to know how to keep them on their feet.

Eugene tells Negan to melt scrap metal and pour it on their feet.  Negan loves the idea and rewards Eugene by sending some of his wives to his room.

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