Jillian Barberie Net Worth, Chris Brown’s Neighbor

Net Worth
$7 million


Source of Wealth
Actress, Television Hostess

Tarzana, Los Angeles, CA

Canadian (by birth), American (naturalized)

Marital Status


Broadcast Journalism, Mohawk College

USA Today reports that Los Angeles police waited outside Chris Brown’s house for hours before finally obtaining a search warrant.  At 3 AM on Tuesday morning, the singer’s neighbors began to complain about helicopters circling his home.  One of those neighbors was actress, Jillian Marie Barberie.

Barberie is currently a co-host on Mid-Day LA and was desperately trying to get some rest.  According to The Washington Post helicopter footage showed the LAPD outside the singer’s house, waiting for a judge to approve a search warrant.  Jillian wasn’t happy about the noise as proven by the following tweet.

Jillian Barberie Net Worth, Chris Brown Neighbor

Chris Brown has some explaining to do and he could end up in jail for the incident.  Tarzana is a neighborhood that was built on land once owned by the creator of Tarzan, Edgar Rice Burroughs.  He bought the property in 1915 and named it after the fictional character.  Some of Chris and Jillian’s neighbors include NBA basketball player, Nick Young, rapper, Iggy Azalea and singer, Demi Lovato.  Do you think that Chris Brown’s neighbors will try to get the singer to relocate?


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