Jamila Velazquez – Chicago PD, Emily Vega

Jamila Velazquez made an appearance on Chicago PD.  The actress, who played Laura Calleros on Empire, most likely won’t make any future appearances on the Fox series.  We last saw Laura in the season 2 finale when she left Hakeem at the altar.  The series moves fast and old characters typically don’t reappear.

Like Hakeem’s other former love interest, Valentina Galindo (Becky G) aka Guadalupe, Laura will be missed.  In Chicago PD season 4, episode 11, “You Wish” she plays Emily Vega, a teen with a minor record.  She has been arrested several times and she’s struggling with a drug addiction.  A witness sees her run away from a crime scene and throw a knife in the bushes.

Jamila Velazquez Chicago PD
Jamila Velazquez Chicago PD

She tries to run from Kim and Alvin but she’s unable to get through a locked fence.

She learned a thing or two from the Lyon family.  Investigators question her about the knife she threw into the bushes and she tells them that she lost it a few days prior.

The blade was used to kill a man so Emily is forced to tell the truth.  Jamila reminds us how talented she is in the emotional scene.  She explains that the man tried to rape her.  “What goes around, comes around.”

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