Is Tara Wallace Pregnant 2017? – Again?

Is Tara Wallace pregnant with Peter Gunz’s baby again? 2017 Instagram pictures of the reality star have suggests that she may have a bun in the oven.  While she didn’t look like she was pregnant at the Love and Hip Hop reunion but the pic in the video shows her with a stomach full of baby.  Peter declared that his baby with Amina Buddafly was his last but we’ve heard it all before.

Peter Gunz somehow fell back in love with Tara while Amina was pregnant with his most recent baby.  Although Tara didn’t seem to be falling for more of Peter’s lies, she didn’t shut him down like she should have.  He has made her and Amina look like complete fools.  Peter still had the nerve to try to get her back.

Is Tara Wallace Pregnant 2017?
Is Tara Wallace Pregnant 2017?
Amina spilled Peter’s tea at the reunion.  Yes, Peter Gunz still has tea to be spilled.  Amina revealed that her and the reality star are still sleeping together.  Peter denied it but we all know he’s a liar.
Cisco gave Peter a check during the reunion episode.  As soon as Peter received the check he gave it to Tara.  Amina has multiple children with Peter therefore there’s no reason for her to lie about the last time they had sex.  She was most likely telling the truth.  Peter is still a confused, horrible man.  He should never get married again.

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Peter is still trying to convince Tara that he has changed yet he continues to have sex with Amina.  We’re hoping someone new is responsible for Tara’s baby bump.  Peter put her through the most and she deserves better.

Remy Ma and Papoose aka #RelationshipGoals should be Tara’s motivation to find a new man that treats her right!

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