Is Hazel E Transgender?

Hazel E is not transgender.  The rumors about her being a man started after the beef between her and Masika Kalysha resurfaced.

Masika Kalysha and Hazel E are at it again.  The two reality strs have been insulting each other on social media and it’s getting serious.  First, let’s go through a brief history of their beef.  In the first season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, Masika was dating producer, Mally Mall.  The former couple broke up after Kalysha found out that Mally Mall was cheating on her with Nikki Mudarris.

Mally Mall and Mudarris broke up after one of his side chicks called him out on Instagram.  In response to the incident Masika explained that she wasn’t surprised because she knows that Mally Mall is a cheater.  Mally Mall clapped back and Masika went off.  She revealed all types of information about the producer leading to rumors about his sexual preference and financial status.

Is Hazel E Transgender?

Masika revealed a rumor about a deleted scene that featured Mally Mall.  Kalysha explains that the scene showed Mally Mall begging Nikki for $8,000 to move into a condo because he was experiencing money problems.  Mally Mall denied the rumor and that’s when Hazel E jumped in.  Hazel E took Mally Mall’s side, leading to her beef with Masika.

There are many people out there that think reality shows like Love and Hip Hop Hollywood are fake.  The beef between Masika and Hazel E prove that there are numerous realistic elements to the show.  There’s no faking this one!


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