Is Cher Transgender?

CNN reports that Hillary Clinton supporter, Cher, recently had to defend herself for her comments about Donald Trump.  She compared Trump to Joseph Stalin, the former leader of the Soviet Union and Adolf Hitler, the former leader of the Nazi Party.  The singer made the comments at a Hillary Clinton event.

According to The New York Times the singer compared the Republican Party presidential nominee’s campaign to a racist version of Fun with Dick and Jane.  At a time when race is such an important element of the election, the singer’s remarks have the potential to do some major damage.  There were recently some rumors involving the singer’s gender.

Is Cher Transgender?

Cher is not transgender.  She was born a female and is still a female.  In 1969 she had a daughter with Sonny Bono, Chastity Sun Bono.  Chastity is now a transgender man, Chaz Salvatore Bono.  He is an advocate who has documented his coming out process, empowering the LGBT community.

Chaz underwent his transformation from 2008 to 2010.  When she was born, his parents chose the name Chastity after the movie Chastity which Cher starred in as a bisexual woman.  Sonny actually produced the film.  We love how Chaz advocates for the LGBT community and hopes he continues his great work.


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