Faze Adapt’s Sister Milan

FaZe Adapt’s sister, FaZe Milan was the topic of the YouTuber’s most recent video.  Alex was back in Arizona so he decided to team up with a family member.  In the video they Google Milan’s name.  He decided to have a Google Yourself episode after he reached out to his Snapchat followers for video ideas.

If you haven’t heard of the FaZe Clan you’re not a gamer.  The team was founded in 2010 and are located in Plainview, New York.  They compete in Call of Duty and continue to dominate.  According to ESL, the team recently joined the European Division of the Pro League.
FaZe Adapts Sister

Alex and Milan find the first video they ever made together as they explore the search results.  The talented gamer is then distracted by an image of a female that shouldn’t have been included in the search results.  Similar to Empire, the video shows us the importance of quality family time.

Milan then reveals that she wants to send RiceGum a message.  Alex gives her a hard time but eventually allows her to send it.  They eventually find her on Famous Birthdays.  The site has her birthday listed as June 30, 2002 but she was born in 2003.  She gets mad at her brother for not knowing the year she was born.

The video was hilarious.  Check it out below:


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