Erika, Samantha And Mendeecees – Love Triangle

Erika, Samantha and Mendeecees attempted to sort out their issues on the last episode of Love and Hip Hop.  Episode 10 of season 7, “Don’t Mess With the Exes” showed Samantha receive a phone call from Mendeecees.  In a desperate attempt to start beef between Erika and Samantha, Mendeecees reminds Samantha that he cheated on her with Erika.

Samantha rolled her eyes several times and kindly asked Mr. Harris to take several seats.  Harris is worried about all the wrong things.  Samantha tries to convince him that he should be asking about their son, Lil Mendeecees but Harris doesn’t want to hear it.  He hangs up on Samantha.

Erika Samantha And Mendeecees
Erika Samantha And Mendeecees

When in doubt, blame it on Yandy.  Erika and Samantha refuse to let Yandy break their bond.  Yandy tells Erika that Samantha has been recording their conversations but Erika doesn’t care.  Samantha admits that she has been recording conversations between her and Erika because she doesn’t trust her.

Mendeecees was a drug dealer.  His baby mamas were afraid of him so before he got locked up none of them acted like this.  The drug money is drying up and Mendeecees’ baby mamas are acting out.  Erika is an idiot if she continues to consider Samantha a friend.  Samantha and Yandy are both idiots if they think we’re convinced they’re about that life.

Dear Mona,

Please beg Chrissy Lampkin to return to stomp a hole through Mendeecees’ baby mamas!



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