Did Bill Clinton Have A Stroke?

In a recent article, Life News argues that the Clinton marriage is not one to look up to.  The piece was written in response to a Cosmopolitan article that praised Bill and Hillary Clinton for outlasting the first two Trump marriages along with two Gingrich marriages and the Gore marriage.  Life News disagrees, arguing that he’s a serial adulterer who shouldn’t be awarded for his mistakes.

According to Daily Caller, the 69-year-old apparently fell asleep during his wife’s speech at the Democratic National Convention.  Teflon Bill has nine lives and we’ll continue to forgive him for his mistakes.  He’s getting older and according to rumors, he recently had a stroke.

Did Bill Clinton Have A Stroke?

The rumors started back in March after he made a television appearance with Gabby Gifford and Mark Kelly.  The video below shows the incident which took place in Arizona.  One sign of a stroke is an individual becoming noticeably lethargic.  In the video below the Arkansas native looks fine at first but then he all of a sudden looks numb and weak.

Is Bill Clinton Sick?

We’ll never know for sure.  After major health issues in the past, the former President’s medical records have been hidden.  Back in 2010 he underwent heart surgery.  We hope he remains healthy enough to support his wife throughout her presidential campaign.


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