Deetranada – Rap Game Season 3

Deetranada is a talented emcee on The Rap Game season 3.  Her real name is Diamond Barmer.  In the last episode, “Like a Boss” she disses Tally, leading Jermaine Dupri, to rank her number 5 on the Hit List.  Deetranada felt like she killed her verse and wasn’t sure why she was ranked number 5.  Dupri explained that the first four bars of her rap lost him.

Dupri teaches Deetranada patience by ranking her number 5.  He calls her out for saying, “I looked you up on Google.” Deetranada explains that she was taking a shot at Tally.  Dupri reveals that the contestants will have an opportunity to battle but the assignment was to write a verse about their work ethic.

Deetranada Rap Game Season 3
Deetranada Rap Game Season 3

Dee set the tone with the following lyrics in the first episode of season 3:

In the previews for the next episode, we see Dee arguing with her manager/brother, Jermaine.  Deetranada is a very emotional person.  There’s nothing wrong with expressing your emotions.  Kanye West has proven this a countless number of times.

The preview shows Dee mess up her verse while performing onstage.  Then, on the bus, we see her scream at Jermaine.  The tweet above shows that the couple has made up since.

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