Empire Season 4 Cast

Taye Diggs, French Montana, Birdman and Sierra McClain will guest star on the show.  Diggs will play Angelo Dubois, a Harvard law school graduate from a wealthy family.  He now works as a New York councilman.

McClain will play Nessa, Shine’s (Xzibit) protege.  She’s a talented singer with a unique voice.  Lucious will do anything to sign her.

Empire’s Season 3 Cast is amazing to say the very least.  Bre-Z joined the cast of Empire, playing Freda Gatz, Lucious’ new favorite artist.

This season’s cast also includes Andre Royo as Thirsty Rawlings, Lucious’ lawyer and even Chris Rock who plays Frank Gathers, Freda’s father.

Adam Rodriguez plays Cookie’s new security/love interest, Laz Delgado.  Jamila Velazquez plays Laura Calleros.  Becky G plays Valentina Galindo.

Empire Season 2 Cast Wikipedia
Empire Season 2 Cast Wikipedia