Bristol Palin Plastic Surgery – Before And After

Bristol Palin’s plastic surgery, before and after pictures can be seen below.  Palin recently announced that her and her husband, Dakota Meyer, are expecting their third child.  Initially, many believed that Bristol’s weight loss made her face change but now it’s clear that she’s had plastic surgery.

The before and after pictures below proves that the lower portion of her face has been altered.  In the after photo, Bristol’s jaw is more angled and her chin is sharper.  Bristol had corrective jaw surgery in 2010.  The procedure is generally performed by an oral surgeon to correct a variety of skeletal irregularities.

Bristol Palin Plastic Surgery Before And After
Bristol Palin Plastic Surgery Before And After

Palin had the surgery done for her jaw and teeth to align in a proper manner.  She got the procedure done when she was 20-years-old.  While she admits that the surgery made her look better, she made it clear that she doesn’t obsess about her facial features.

Bristol is now 26 and she’s expecting her third child in the spring.  In the past, Palin and her husband, Dakota Meyer, experienced serious relationship problems that nearly led them to break up.  The couple revealed that they were together in March 2015.  A few weeks later they were engaged.

A few weeks after the couple announced their engagement, Bristol revealed that they were calling it off.  The couple’s relationship is a roller coaster but we’re happy to hear that they’re expecting another little one.


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