Brandi On Love And Hip Hop Hollywood

Gossip On This reports that Brandi Boyd aka “Lil B” apologized to her husband, Max “Lux” Boyd in Love and Hip Hop Hollywood‘s fourth episode of season 3, “Mama Beef.” The episode starts with Max discussing Lil B’s dishonesty with Ray J.  Brandi and Ray J are best friends so he’s disappointed with her as well.

According to Hello Beautiful Max is so upset that he stops going home.  While we understand that he is upset, the rapper should be under the same roof as his son at night.  As the man of the house, he has to protect his family.  If there’s an emergency, he won’t be able to do much from the studio.

Brandi On Love and Hip Hop Hollywood

Brandi confronts Max while he’s at the strip club.  She attempts to explain what she was thinking when she used the $27,000 to open a store but Max is tired of her excuses and ends up walking out on her.  We’re sure that the couple will eventually make up but we can all learn a lesson from Brandi’s actions.

If you can’t be honest you shouldn’t be in a relationship.  Max can care less about what Brandi spent the money on, he just can’t forgive her for being dishonest.  Tell the truth, your significant other will choose honesty over perfection every single time!


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