Brandi Boyd Arrested

Was Brandi Boyd arrested!?

On episode 8 of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood‘s third season, Moniece Slaughter reveals details about Brandi Boyd’s criminal past.  Princess Love tells Brandi about Moniece’s listening party and the two ladies end up attending the event.  What they don’t know is that Moniece invites Brandi to spill her tea, informing the world that Brandi was arrested.

At Moniece’s rehearsal for her new song, she tells Masika about her plans to expose information about Brandi’s past.  At the event, Masika tells Moniece that it doesn’t make sense for her to ruin her own listening party.  Moniece isn’t worried about the party she is focused on getting revenge on Brandi.

Brandi Boyd Arrested

Brandi, Princess Love and their friend, Bryanna Da’na arrive at the event and agree that they will turn the event out if they have to.  She then explains that “Becky” found her and didn’t have lemonade, instead she had tea.  According to Moniece, Brandi’s husband, Max B cheated on her with a “Becky.”

When Little B found out about her husband cheating she went to the Becky’s house and climbed in through a window.  Moniece claims that Becky called the cops and Brandi was arrested.  Boyd explains that the real story with Becky didn’t involve her husband.  Moniece insists that the police report reveals that the incident did involve Max.  Princess rushes Moniece but security stops her before she gets to the stage.


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