Audrey Morgan From Empire Death

Empire actress, Audrey Morgan, sadly passed away on November 30, 2016.  Audrey played the nanny for the baby on the series.  The 64-year-old passed away due to uterine and cervical cancer.  In 2015 she played the grandmother on the NBC series Chicago Med.  A few years earlier, she appeared on Boss as Mrs. Lewis.

Audrey was seen in the Empire episode “Our Dancing Days.” She most recently played Gerri in A Chance in the World.  The Chicago native has performed at Steppenwolf, Victory Gardens Theatre and American Theatre Co.  In 2010, she appeared in the movie, Virginia directed by Dustin Lance Black.

Audrey Morgan From Empire Death
Audrey Morgan From Empire Death

Empire‘s writers sent their condolences via Twitter on December 10, 2016.

Audrey was 64-years-old when she passed away, reminding us to love the people that God gave us because he will need them back one day.  Life is too short therefore we must live every day to the fullest.

The amount of time we have left is a gift that we must cherish.  Do what matters now and stop dwelling on the past.  We often focus on the negative aspects of our lives, completely ignoring the positive things.

Audrey may be gone but we’ll never forget her.  Over the years she has used acting to connect with the world.  As an African American woman, she has inspired many.  We’ll continue to celebrate her life and her art will be here forever!



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