Ashley Nicole From Love And Hip Hop

A roommate on The Shade Room reports that Lyfe Jennings was spotted in court with Ashley Nicole from Love and Hip Hop.  Lyfe was in court handling some baby mama drama and Ashley was right by his side.  Ashley was Kirk’s artist who had beef with Rasheeda.  She thought Rasheeda didn’t like her because she was jealous.

Last year, Snoop Dogg called Ashley out for being whack.  In the show’s “Face the Music” episode, Ashley rubs Rasheeda the wrong way.  Ashley and Kirk have strict schedule constraints so when she shows up to Kirk’s house she knows they need to leave fast.  That wouldn’t have been a serious problem if Kirk and Rasheeda weren’t having a heating discussion when Ashley arrived.

Ashley Nicole From Love And Hip Hop

Ashley interrupts the couple’s conversation and Rasheeda flips.  It didn’t take much to upset Rasheeda, making it clear that she was jealous of Ashley.  Check out The Shade Room’s post about Lyfe and Ashley below:

#RoommateTalk Posts Are 100 Percent User Submitted And We Cannot Confirm With 100 Percent Certainty The Validity of These Stories. Sip Tea Wisely: Dear TSR, So I was at court in Atlanta today dealing with my own personal legal issues (feds are watching can’t say too much) and guess who I see in the courtroom with me, none other than the singer, Lyfe Jennings!! You won’t believe why he’s in court too, apparently his baby momma, Joy, ( who also happens to be his former manager and ex wife) was trying to get a temporary restraining order out on his ass! Yass girl, clearly Karlie Redd dodged a major bullet! Anyways, this is the baby momma that lives in Cobb County that he has two kids with but I guess he ain’t doing ish for them kids because she looked real fed up and definitely wants to keep him away from them. She has gotten him arrested multiple times but now she wants to file the TPO over something that happened 8 dam years ago! Basically, she claims that the reason why her house was shot up back in 2008 was because of him and thats why she wants the restraining order. Y’all remember when he was on a high speed chase with police like O.J?..yeah, that’s the incident she’s talked about. She is also shady as hell though because the judge even read text messages where she’s telling her kids that their daddy doesn’t want them, but the sad part was when his son texted him asking him why he didn’t take him to Disney World with the rest of his kids. Either way he says that he pays $4000 a month in child support but his children still living in the hood! Funny thing is she says Lyfe didn’t even open his door when the sheriffs came to serve him his papers… but hold on if you thought that was the hot tea, I wasn’t even done brewing it yet! Guess who I saw him in the court room with! Remember Kurt’s crazy artist “Ashley Nicole ” I think her name was … the one who was about to get her azz beat by Rasheeda when she did a pop up at the hotel she and Kurt were staying at that one episode on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta? Yeah, her, I saw them holding hands and all, she was holding it down like a real wifey or side piece should — read more at (link in bio)
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Ashley was a bartender that Kirk discovered when he was at her job having drinks.  The situation sounds similar to Hakeem Lyon’s first encounter with Laura Calleros.  Kirk better be careful considering the fact that Laura left Hakeem at the altar.  Ashley’s not worth losing Rasheeda!


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