Angel Love Baby Daddy aka Her Boyfriend, DeJuan Blair

TMZ reports that DeJuan Lamont Blair was recently cited at a Las Vegas nightclub for misdemeanor battery against a woman.  While the woman claims that the former NBA player tossed her to the side, Blair insists that he simply moved her out his way because he was trying to get by her.  At 6 feet 7 inches, 270 pounds, we understand exactly what most likely happened.

According to NBC he last played for the Washington Wizards.  Back in February 2016 he was traded to the Phoenix Suns but they waived him four days after the deal.  He’s not only a former NBA basketball layer, he’s also Angel Love’s baby daddy.  The couple have a beautiful daughter named Heaven Love.

Angel Love Baby Daddy, Boyfriend, DeJuan Blair

It’s not easy being an undersized center/power forward in today’s NBA.  DeJuan will have to prove that he’s got skills similar to Charles Barkley’s in order to earn a decent contract.  In Barkley’s prime, the 6′ 6″ center/power forward used his strength to hold his own against some of the tallest players in the league, including Shaquille O’Neal.

DeJuan’s baby mama, Angel Love, was brought onto Basketball Wives LA by her friend, Angel Brinks, who used to be a prostitute in Las Vegas, where Blair was recently cited for misdemeanor battery against a woman.  Hopefully DeJuan will stay focused on the game as opposed to the club.


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