A1 Mother From Love And Hip Hop, Pam

Floyd “A1” Bentley’s mother from Love and Hip Hop Hollywood never hesitates to turn up!

If there’s one thing that VH1 gets right on their reality shows, it’s the mothers they select as cast members.  It all started with Nancy “Mama” Jones, Jim Jones mother on Love and Hip Hop New York.  A few seasons later we met Lil Scrappy’s mom, Momma Dee, on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

It’s Love and Hip Hop Hollywood‘s turn and they’ve introduced us to Lyrica Anderson’s mother, Lyrica Garrett and Floyd “A1” Bentley’s mother, Pam.  The two divas have been at each other’s necks since the first episode of the show’s current season.  They have tried to fight multiple times but security always separates them before we’re able to see some action!

A1 Mother From Love And Hip Hop Pam

On season 3, episode 10, “The Leak” Lyrica Garrett gets her revenge on A1.  The talented producer called Garrett out for wanting liposuction so Garrett had her car towed away from his house.  A1 had credit problems so the car is in Garrett’s name.  Once Pam sees what’s happening, she loses it and calls Garrett out for wanting A1’s money.

In the previews for the show’s next episode, “The Source” Lyrica Anderson rides with Pam to meet her mom and Garrett attacks Pam as soon as she sees her driving her car.  It looks like we’ll finally get the fight we’ve been waiting for!


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