8184825859 Rob Kardashian Leaks Kylie’s Phone Number On Twitter

Rob Kardashian is playing no games when it comes to Blac Chyna.  After his sister didn’t invite Blac Chyna, the mother of his child, to a baby shower they planned for him he decided enough was enough.  Rob leaked his sister, Kylie’s phone number on Twitter: 8184825859.  The 818 covers Los Angeles, CA, where Kylie lives of course.

While this may seem like a low blow, I would love to see Kim’s reaction if her siblings didn’t accept Kanye West.  Rob accepted Lamar Odom, with no problem, when his sister Khloe started dating him.  On the contrary, Rob should pick on someone his own size so we can see some real Kardashian beef.

8184825859 Rob Kardashian Twitter Kylie Phone Number

Rob doesn’t hesitate to go after his younger sisters but he never targets Kim in his fun and games.  We guess he appreciates the pedestal she has built for the family.  After seeing how Kim handled Taylor Swift, Rob could be picking his battles wisely.

The Kardashian crew should probably join forces and go after The Game.  The rapper called out Blac Chyna and Rob’s sisters in his song, “92 Bars.”  Rob can’t handle the rapper by himself and could really use Kanye and Kim’s assistance.  Instead of tormenting each other, the Kardashians should be insulting The Game for his rude lyrics.


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