RokBlok Net Worth Logan Riley Update Shark Tank

Logan Riley Net Worth RokBlok
Logan Riley Net Worth RokBlok

Logan Riley introduced the world to RokBlok on episode 13 of Shark Tank‘s ninth season. Logan Riley’s estimated net worth is $5 million.

Logan Riley Founded Pink Donut In 2015

Riley is the founder of Pink Donut, an idea company established in June of 2015. According to Riley’s LinkedIn page, he launched Pink Donut after working as the Head of Learning and Innovation at LearnUp.

Prior to LearnUp, Riley worked as a Lead Instructional Designer at Pandora and before that he was a Manager at Fuze, Inc. From 2007 to 2012, Logan was a Creative Education Lead at Apple.

According to CNET, Riley launched LookFor in 2015. In the video below, Riley describes the app as a dumb app that actually works:

Logan Riley Sold RokBlok For $500,000 To Robert Herjavec On Shark Tank

2Paragraphs explains that RokBlok is the world’s smallest, portable, wireless record player. The video below shows Riley describe RokBlok, amazing the sharks. Robert Herjavec loves the product offers Riley $500,000 for 100% of RokBlok. He then offers to hire Riley, for a 6 figure contract for 2 years. He also offers him a royalty of $5 per unit for every RokBlok unit sold. Riley quickly accepts.

According to Shark Tank Tales, live wasn’t great for RokBlok after appearing on Shark Tank. Appearing on the show was great for marketing the product but it may have been too much too fast.

Shortly after the product was released, bad reviews and negative press arose. The company rushed the product to market and 5% of the units were defective. RokBlok has recovered since then, replacing the defective units and resolving production issues.

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