Did Young Jeezy Try To Kill Gucci Mane? Smoke On Pookie Loc Meaning

Young Jeezy Gucci Mane Verzuz
Young Jeezy Gucci Mane Verzuz

No, Young Jeezy never tried to kill Gucci Mane. If you watched the Jeezy vs. Gucci Verzuz then you know their beef ran deep. The rumor that Jeezy tried to kill Gucci arose after Gucci shot and killed Jeezy’s artist Pookie Loc.

Smoking On Pookie Loc Meaning

Henry Lee Clark III aka Pookie Loc was one of Young Jeezy’s former rappers. On May 10, 2005, Gucci Mane was accused of killing Pookie Loc after Pookie Loc attempted to break into Gucci Mane’s home.

At the time of Pookie Loc’s death, Pookie was 27-years-old. HITC explains that after being shot by Gucci Mane, Pookie was found dead in a wooded area near Columbia Middle School.

During the battle, Gucci Mane was heard saying “we smoking on Pookie Loc tonight.” The conversation is outlined in the following tweet:

Gucci Mane discusses the incident in the following video:

BroBible explains that the charges against Gucci were later dropped because the state did not believe they had sufficient evidence to prosecute the rapper.

This is where the rumor that Young Jeezy tried to kill Gucci Mane arose from. Jeezy’s association with Pookie, led Gucci to believe that Jeezy ordered Pookie to kill Gucci.

Even if Jeezy did order Pookie to kill Gucci, Jeezy is over the beef as proven by the fact that he invited Gucci to face him in the Verzuz battle. Unlike Jeezy, Gucci is clearly not over the beef. Despite Gucci holding the grudge against Jeezy, the pair teamed up to perform

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