YFN Lucci Fake Teeth – Before And After

YFN Lucci broke the Internet after showing his real teeth. The rapper got his permanent diamond grill removed and shared a video of the process. HotNewHipHop reports that his real teeth had to be shaved for his diamond grill to be put on.

YFN Lucci Teeth Before And After
YFN Lucci Teeth Before And After

YFN Lucci’s Diamond Grill Was $120,000

According to Rolling Out, YFN Lucci’s diamond grill was $120,000. He bought the teeth in February of 2019 and got them removed about 15 months later.

The 29-year-old rapper, whose real name is Rayshawn Lamar Bennett is being dragged on social media.

YFN Lucci should have thought twice before sharing images of himself without his fake teeth. Moving forward, each time the rapper’s name is mentioned, his teeth will be the first thing that comes to mind:

As the tweet below explains, I was surprised to see YFN Lucci’s name trending but then I found out about his teeth and couldn’t stop laughing:

The following tweet explains that YFN Lucci needs to have his diamond teeth put back into his mouth. If that’s an option, I would definitely advise the rapper to do so.

The tweet below explains that YFN Lucci got veneers after getting his diamond grill removed. The veneers should have been ordered in advance so he could have continued to hide his real teeth.

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