Top 23 Michael Jordan Memes – The Last Dance

The funniest Michael Jordan memes are shared in this article. ESPN’s The Last Dance breaks the Internet with each new episode.

Barack Obama The Last Dance Memes

While most the memes are positive, the following tweet calls Jordan out for refusing to endorse Harvey Gantt in his 1990 Senate race against Jesse Helms:

Former President Barack Obama aka “Former Chicago Resident”:

Barack done came up:

Kobe Bryant The Last Dance Memes

Kobe Bryant’s respect for Michael Jordan was documented well. We should all listen to Kobe and stop comparing players from different generations. Kobe and Jordan were both amazing players in their own right.

Birds of a feather flock together:

When you lose it as soon as the episode starts:

MJ wanted all the smoke:

Adidas, Converse The Last Dance Memes

It has to be difficult for the execs from Converse and Adidas to watch The Last Dance:

When you’re reminded that you messed up:

Michael provided the blueprint with the way he handled Reebok:

Magic Johnson The Last Dance Memes

Magic Johnson never disappoints when talking about Jordan’s greatness:

Magic better stop throwing rocks when he lives in a glass house:

When ESPN hits the nail on its head:

Spike Lee The Last Dance Memes

I just want someone to look at me like Spike is looking at Prince in the tweet below:

Decades later and the New York Knicks still can’t get things together:

Spike Lee and Michael Jordan’s partnership was a match made in Heaven:

Michael Jordan John Michael Wozniak Memes

John Michael Wozniak is the security guard who was seen in The Last Dance, defeating Michael Jordan in a quarter toss game. The documentary made the former Chicago Police officer famous.

The Last Dance is proof that Michael Jordan the most competitive person on the planet:

He was a Chicago police officer:

Easy work:

We got on Dennis Rodman for going on vacation, so we have to call MJ out for heading to Atlantic City during the Eastern Conference Finals:

Isiah Thomas The Last Dance Memes

The Isiah Thomas Dream Team situation is proof that Jordan holds grudges:

Speaking of Isiah Thomas:

There’s no doubt that MJ still hates Isiah, “TO THIS DAY!”:

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By Jason John

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