Sean DaDon Reed – Facebook Indianapolis Shooting

Sean DaDon Reed Facebook
Sean DaDon Reed Facebook

Sean “DaDon” Reed is the Indianapolis man, who was shot and killed on Facebook Live. Here is a link to Sean DaDon’s Facebook page. Shortly after the incident, Facebook converted Sean’s page to a memorialized account. According to his Facebook page, Sean lived in Fort Worth, Texas and attended Tarrant County College.

Heavy reports that the video showed Sean parking the car he was in and then he is heard running. Sean then drops his phone and gunshots are heard. According the New York Post, Indianapolis police officers saw Sean speeding and driving recklessly on Interstate 65 and pursued the vehicle for about 15 minutes before Sean got out the car and started running away.

Let the great debate begin. We have seen this so many times so you do not need to check your social media feeds to see how people are reacting to the incident. Sean’s Facebook page does not help his case. A picture he shared on March 9, 2020, shows him with a gun.

Those who think the officer was wrong for shooting and killing Sean will definitely use the fact that a person, presumed to be a police officer is heard saying “it look like it’s going to be a closed casket homie.” Laughter is heard after the comment, suggesting that Sean’s death is meaningless.

Many believe that one of the police officers tried to delete the Facebook Live video after the incident. If true, the police officer could be charged for tampering with evidence.

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By Jason John

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