Nick Blixky Pop Smoke – Deaths Connected?

According to CNN, Nick Blixky was shot and killed in Brooklyn, New York on Sunday, May 10. The rapper, whose real name is Nickalus Thompson was 21 years old. New York Daily News reports that detectives are investigating a possible connection to the California murder of Pop Smoke (Bashar Jackson).

Pop Smoke And Nick Blixky: Brooklyn’s Drill Music Scene

Pop Smoke’s “Welcome To The Party” has been called the Brooklyn drill music anthem.

Complex reports that Nick Blixky was also a part of Brooklyn’s drill music scene, collaborating with 22Gz and other members of the Blixky Gang.

Brooklyn Gangs: Blixkys, WOOO, CHOO

According to AceShowBiz, detectives are investigating posts that were shared on Facebook involving Nick Blixky’s death. Most of the Facebook posts were created by members of various gangs in Brooklyn, New York. The Source explains that there is the Woo aka WOOO (We On Our Own) gang and the Cho aka CHOO aka “Chew” gang.

Woo is affiliated with the Wave Gang aka DOD (Definition of Dreams) and Cho which is composed of members Hoodstarz gang members. Bobby Shmurda’s GS9 (Gangsta Stone Crips) was affiliated with Woo. Like Bobby Shmurda, Pop Smoke was a member of GS9.

Blixkys are composed of members of both Folk Nation gang members and members of Gangster Disciple. Nick Blixky was one of the most popular members of the Blixky gang. Nas Blixky is another well known member of the Blixkys. The tweet below explains that Nas shut down the rumor that Nick was killed by the cops.

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By Jason John

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