John Michael Wozniak – Wife Security Guard Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan

John Michael Wozniak is the former Chicago Bulls security officer who defeated Michael Jordan in a game of quarters on ESPN’s The Last Dance.

John Michael Wozniak will forever be remembered for mocking Michael Jordan’s infamous shoulder shrug, not once, but twice.

Wozniak went viral but sadly, he passed away on January 18, 2020 at the age of 69. He battled colon cancer for about 18 months before his death.

John Michael Wozniak was introduced to the world as one of Michael Jordan’s “sniffers”, short for jock sniffers. Members of Jordan’s security team were jokingly called jock sniffers for having to protect the NBA superstar by any means necessary, but John Michael Wozniak was so much more.

John Michael Wozniak Biography

John Michael Wozniak was born on May 14, 1950. Complex reports that he was a Chicago police officer who worked part-time as a security officer at Chicago Stadium.

Vulture reports that that Wozniak’s drip was unimpeachable. He joined the US Army before becoming a narcotics officer in Chicago. Wozniak’s life would change after accidentally causing damage to Michael Jordan’s Chevy Blazer.

The accident was the best thing that could have happened to Wozniak who ended up working for Jordan full-time for about 20 years. The Last Dance reminded us all just how much Jordan loved to gamble and Wozniak gambled with MJ on a regular basis.

John Michael Wozniak Wife

Marilyn Wozniak was John Michael Wozniak’s wife and the mother of his three sons. She was born on December 2 and lived with John in Chicago.

John Michael Wozniak Kids

The Athletic reports that Nicholi Wozniak is the oldest of John’s three sons. John’s second oldest son is Rocky Wozniak and his youngest son is Michael Wozniak.

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