Why Are Michael Jordan’s Eyes Yellow? Red? Liver Disease?

ESPN’s The Last Dance broke the Internet. The color of Michael Jordan’s eyes have become a hot topic. People are wondering why the NBA superstar’s eyes are yellow, red and/or orange:

Michael Jordan Does Not Have Liver Disease

The rumor that Michael Jordan has liver disease is false. The rumor started because your eye color can be a sign of liver problems. According to Medical News Today, “yellow eyes are usually associated with conditions affecting the liver.”

While there are numerous rumors about Jordan’s health, there are many possible causes for yellow eyes, including jaundice which occurs when the oxygen-carrying components in a person’s blood break down into bilirubin and the person’s body does not clear the bilirubin.

Genetic conditions can also cause yellow eyes. Jordan would most likely be honest if he had health problems. The former NBA superstar has been candid about his personal life in the past and I think he’ll continue to be honest with the public.

Michael Jordan’s Current Health

Michael Jordan is still in great shape. Business Insider reports that he enjoys golfing on the private golf course he had built in South Florida. Walking the golf course doesn’t burn the calories Jordan was burning during his time in the NBA but it’s better than nothing.

In the last few years, he has been spotted at basketball camps, showing the world that he still has skills. The video below shows him win a bet against NBA star Chris Paul:

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By Jason John

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